Re: Should I select 900GTO or 1200GTO?

Ray Gralak <ray@...>

Hi Ray and everyone:

I am on the list to order a 900, but I may reconsider. My problem is
not weight--I can carry my 18" dob or 65# 12" solid tube with no
problem. Unfortunately, lowering the 27# head exactly straight down
into the tripod is all I can handle. If I am a bit off the head sticks
into the tripod obliquely and has to be yanked out. I am afraid that
the 47# 1200 RA head will do the same thing. Can you lower it in
without a problem, and can you bench more than 200# :-)
Hi Derek,

All I do is "hug" the 1200's RA head and place it on top
of the pier. If you get too tall of a pier it might be
a lot harder to get it on top of the pier. I always make
sure to lift straight up from my legs to not put stress
on my back (I haven't injured anything yet!) And no,
I'm not a weightlifter, just a software engineer. :-)

Take care,

-Ray Gralak

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