Re: 600gto for astrophotography

Bobby Middleton <bobm@...>

I'm speaking a bit out-of-turn here because I don't use guidescopes only
off-axis guiders; but you should do just fine with the 60mm guidescope. The
glory of the guidescope is its ability to be tweeked independently of the
imaging scope. So the smaller apreture shouldn't ever be a problem since you
will have so much flexability in finding guidestars.
Bobby Middleton

Assuming only 35mm format and lets say winds no more than 5mph, what is
your definition of casual vs. serious astrophotgraphy limits? I'm sure
I fall into the casual catagory since more than 75% of my time is
visual. If I have the paitence I would like to work my way up to 60min.
manually guided shots.
Can I get by with the 60mm guide scope with the 155 for manual guiding?
I would appreciate any comments on this setup.

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