Re: Should I select 900GTO or 1200GTO?

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Ray Gralak wrote:

I used to own a regular 900 and now I have a 1200GTO (which, BTW, I love)!
The extra weight of the 1200 has not deterred me from taking it to remote
sites. In fact the 1200's heaviest component definitely weighs less than
the heaviest component of my 18" dob, which I have taken out dozens of
Hi Ray and everyone:

I am on the list to order a 900, but I may reconsider. My problem is
not weight--I can carry my 18" dob or 65# 12" solid tube with no
problem. Unfortunately, lowering the 27# head exactly straight down
into the tripod is all I can handle. If I am a bit off the head sticks
into the tripod obliquely and has to be yanked out. I am afraid that
the 47# 1200 RA head will do the same thing. Can you lower it in
without a problem, and can you bench more than 200# :-)



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