Saddle recommendations?

Michael Dolenga

I have a 900 mount on order and am hoping for an early Christmas.  :)
On the order, I added the DOVELM2, which as I read the order page, now has me a bit confused.  It seems to be the 8.5 inch saddle, and the 12 inch sliding bar.
The two telescopes that I currently have are a Celestron C-11, which has a 17 inch dovetail bar, and a Televue NP-101is, which has two rings with an 8 inch spacing (I was planning on buying a compatible 8 inch bar to span the two rings and attach to the mount - currently it's a vixen style dovetail).  Currently, I'm doing photography with a dSLR, but will someday go to monochrome CCD, ie. more front end weight on the scopes in the future.
Is the 8.5 inch saddle appropriate for these two telescopes?  And does the $120 DOVELM2 "kit" include both the saddle and the 12 inch dovetail bar (that's how I read the website and order form, but not how I remember my phone conversation with AP).
(PS - anybody interested in a CGE mount?  :))

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