Mach1GTO or 900GTO

Michael Dolenga

First time poster here.  I'm debating between the Mach1GTO and the 900GTO.  I live in the Seattle area, with lots of trees on my property limiting me primarily to the NE sky.  I travel by car to dark locations; no plans to haul anything on an airplane.  No plans to build a permanent observatory, as my neighbors and fiance would likely kill me for chopping down all the trees.  :)
I currently have a Televue NP-101is (imaging with a dSLR), which is really light and would be served well by either mount, that's not my issue.  I also have a Celestron C-11 XLT (OTA about 29 pounds), which I use primarily for visual, with some lunar and planetary photography only (DMK monochrome).  From what I've read in the archives here and other sources, the Mach1GTO should suffice in both cases.
One person, however, correctly suggested thinking about the telescopes I would like to get in the future.  I can see selling the C-11 (and its CGE mount, which would in small part fund this purchase) at some point.  I can imagine buying something like a 10 inch RC or the AP 160EDT in the future.  Both of these, especially once you add in the weight of accessories for the RC and the length of the 160EDT, seem to be pushing the limits of the Mach1GTO. 
In terms of portablility, the 900 isn't going to break my back given that one can dissassemble it.  The additional ~2500 in cost is a consideration (it would buy the 10 inch RC, for example).  But, as many of us have probably experienced, I don't want to be upgrading things anymore and would rather make purchases which will outlast me and my requirements.
What do you guys think, can the Mach1GTO handle something like a 10 inch RC or a refractor like the 160mm?

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