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Yves Laroche

Hi William,

Normally, when you send commands from a terminal or external program you
should not use the keypad at all. In many circumstances, the keypad will
override the values changed in the controller by external programs.
Example: If you set the slew rate to 300X (:Rs300#) in using Hyperterminal
and you decide to do a slew from TheSky6, the value that was set by
Hyperterminal will be override by the value set by the native Astro-Physics
driver within TheSky6.

Hope this will help you,



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Hello Everyone,

I just changed from a GTOCP2 to GTOCP3 servo controller for my AP 900 mount
and added the :Rcxxx# command to a mini control program I have written to
communicate with the mount. Everything works as expected when sending
commands via the mount's serial ports. I.E. send :Rc032$ then send :Me# the
mounts moves at 32x east. When I then use the hand controller to move the
mount with one of the N-S-E-W buttons the mount moves at the button rate
displayed on the hand controller instead of the rate sent by the :Rcxxx#
command. When I then go back and issue a :Me# from my program to the mount
the mount now moves at 1x instead of the 32x or hand controller button rate.
The hand controller button still move the scope at the rate displayed on the
hand controller.
Is this how thing are supposed to work?


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