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Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Yes completely avaialble. Contact A/P for the protocol. If you have any
problems please let me know. You can call a/p at 815-282-1513 ...and ask for
the mount protocol outline. it is a upgrade of the meade I
stated earlier any program that can send the meade lx200 protocol can
control the a/p mount. Though we also increased the abilities of the
protocol to support a better resolution.

- Charles Sinsofsky
Author: DigitalSky Voice, and the A/P Goto System.

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on 3/13/2000 12:32, Charles Sinsofsky at wrote:

the protocol for the A/P mounts is a super set of the Meade protocol. It
is not exactly like the meade protcol, but has some simular abilities.
Though any program ie: astronomy program that uses the meade protcol can
will control the A/P mounts only not to the its full abilities with
to accuracy.

Is the protocol published for software developers? I would like for my
software to control the AP with the highest level of accuracy possible.



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