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John Gleason

How to you encorporate dithering with the PHD software in Maxim?

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One thing to consider though is if you have a dual chip camera, PHD won't cut it.  Also, if you have an AO device, PHD won't work.  So, if you are using only separate guide scope/guide cam, then it should work perfectly well, but if you have difference equipment, it won't work at all.  When I used an SSAG on a guide scope, it was fine, though personally, I didn't especially like it.  Frankly, I was pretty happy to move away from it.


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MaxIm has a very nice feature in that it will correct the calibration for whatever DEC angle you're at, so, in theory, you only have to calibrate once.  PHD doesn't have that ability.  However, everyone I know that has MaxIm does not use it for guiding - most prefer PHD.


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I find PHD is quite accurate and good.... It has the ability to calibrate itself or you can set the parameters mentioned and tune to your system. I used it with my mach1 the other night with good results.
Also works on a Mac :)

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These "parameters" only have meaning within Maxim, right? I see nothing comparable in CCDSoft. I don't want to pick a fight, but will I get better guiding if I switch to Maxim? Maxim is $600!

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The two parameter numbers...etc.
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