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Yves Laroche

Hi Todd,

It’s not an ACP issue. When using ACP, the Pier Flip and Auto Pier Flip
checkboxes in MaxIm V5 (Guide tab) must be UNCHECKED. Also, please be sure
that MaxIm is not connected to the scope via the ASCOM driver or via the ACP
hub. The Pier flip and Auto Pier Flip can be used but only when you use
MaxIm in standalone mode.

Hope this will help,



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I now believe the problem is something in ACP. There were two possible
issues. One is I had a selection that would flip images that were taken on
the west side of the sky. I have yet to confirm if this would affect the
guider image. The other is it looks like ACP may need to have the guider
calibrated in an area of the sky east of the meridian to ensure all the
logic works all throughout the system. Both situations could explain the
guider drive away from the star when I was trying a target west of the

By the way I also discovered some other little quirk with the latest V.21 of
the ascom driver. I’m running V.21 of the ascom driver. I haven’t quite
figured out how or why the following problem will surface. In my regular
routine I will park the scope at park 2 and then power down the mount. The
next day when I power the mount back up and connect to the scope the ascom
driver will not display az 90 elevation 0. I did not record the exact
coordinate when this last occurred on Sunday. I did realize one thing
though, when I did have this happen, I still had stellarium scope up and
running and it thought it was still connected to the mount through the ACP
hub. So I haven’t yet verified if the ascom driver was still active. It may
be possible that the current RA/Dec coordinates were taken when I powered up
the mount even though it was supposibly still parked at Park 2. Just that
the coordinates were not 90-0. My weather safety script then issued a park
command but the scope actually started to slew to the new defined park
coordinates. I believe that is the possible recreation of the situation.

One of the things I find hard is that when the hand controller is minimized
it doesn’t minimize to the task bar, but rather the system tray in the lower
right. I think if it was on the task bar it would stand out better. The
other issue there is when it minimizes to the system tray the pop up there
pops up and doesn’t allow you access to right click on the icon to pull up
the active display of the driver. To get around this one has to set stay on
top for the pop up then move it off the system tray area to gain access to
the icon where the right click is now available. I’m thinking that minimize
on the main controller page should minimize to the task bar. Right click on
the task bar should be able to select minimize to the system tray if
desired. Either that or put it as an option in the setup page as to where or
how minimize will work. Just food for thought.

Thank for the reply.

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Hi Todd,

If maxim's calibration worked then maxim learned the driver's movement
directions. But afterwards the driver does not
magically change movement directions so there must be a configuration issue.
One place to look, since you are using acp,
is acp's settings. Make sure the mount type is german equatorial, etc.

-Ray Gralak
Author of Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC)
Author of PEMPro:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:
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Subject: [ap-gto] Maxim guiding with AP1200 drives away

I finally got things setup last night with my new mount and started to
setup guiding in
Maxim. Has anyone ever had the guider drive the star away from the center.

Here are the particulars of the situation
- Maxim 5.15 on Win 7 64bit
- All coordinates and particulars for mount, scopes and location are
correct because maxim
goto's and pinpoint work great.
- guider calibration works without a hitch. The calibration line is nice
and square.
- using latest Ascom v2.021beta version and configured to send pulse guide
back through
Ascom driver.
- Here is a sample of ACP log recording the guiding actions.

09:42:56 (ex=0.24 ey=0.24)
09:42:56 (guided dither, 1 good cycles)
09:42:57 (ex=0.53 ey=0.27)
09:42:57 (guided dither, 2 good cycles)
09:42:59 (ex=1.03 ey=0.21)
09:42:59 (guider error n/a or too high, try #3)
09:43:02 (ex=1.55 ey=0.23)
09:43:02 (guider error n/a or too high, try #4)
09:43:04 (ex=3.18 ey=0.37)
09:43:04 (guider error n/a or too high, try #5)
09:43:08 (ex=5.42 ey=0.71)
09:43:08 (guider error n/a or too high, try #6)
09:43:12 (ex=9.13 ey=1.72)
09:43:12 (guider error n/a or too high, try #7)
09:43:20 (ex=12.00 ey=6.57)
09:43:20 (guider error n/a or too high, try #8)

so you can see it start out good but soon after the x drive drives the
star out of view.
It's like the driver has the sense backwards.
- The maxim guider advanced parameters are all default values and x
aggresiveness reduced
down to 2.


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