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Thanks Mark and Alan for responding.
Mark, I do have the loadstar guide camera that is very light weight too. My goal is to get up to about 20 min subs with my set up. AP states on its web site that the side by side should not be used for guiding because of poss flexure.

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I run a TMB130SS F/7 and Aries 127mm F/6.9 side by side on a AP1200. Both Scopes image with Sbig ST-4000XCM Cameras. I use the internal guide chip on the TMB130 an a SBig AO-8 on the Aries, to handle any flexture issues. Since adding the AO-8, I have been running 30 minute subframes and combining them to build images.

Sbig recently modded the TMB130 Camera to Mono. So I can now collect Luminance and RGB at the same time. This arrangement works extremely well. AlanP

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With the focal lengths involved, one thing you might consider is guiding via a finder scope.  I took a 9x50 finder and converted it to a "ghetto guider" and use it with great success on a 1000mm FL refractor.  I have used it with both an SSAG and SBIG RGH and it worked like a champ in both situations.  You have a gazillion different mounting options with this and it literally weighs 2 lbs total.  You could just about mount it with duct tape since it's so light.  The way I have mine mounted is simply by means of a couple of small screws onto a dovetail bar.  Cost about a dollar fifty to make since I already had the finder and took about an hour to complete.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Over under or side by side?

Hi group,
I have been imaging with a 600 mm fl refractor mounted piggyback on a 800 mm fl reflector with my AP 900.
I can do 12 min subs with the refractor before flexure and or mirror movement in the guiding reflector starts to show up in my images. I have another refractor that I would like to replace the reflector with as the guide scope to eliminate any mirror movement. An OAG is out of the question on this particular imaging refractor because of the corrector and back focus required.
My first thought would be to purchase the AP side by side dovetail plate to mount the 2 refractors. My question is ; is there any disadvantage to a side by side configuration vs. an over-under for autoguiding?

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