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Mark Jenkins <markj@...>

Hi all,

I just put my 50% deposit on a 400GTO! :-)

Estimated delivery is July. That's OK as I have no scope appropriate for
this mount... yet. Currently own an LX-200 10" f10 with a Super Wedge and an
old Meade 289S 60mm Refractor. Just finishing construction of a CookBook 245
CCD and an SBIG ST-5C should arrive next week sometime.

I have my name on the waiting list for a 600, 900, Traveler, and 130.

I am very excited about becoming a AP customer. From all I have read, I know
that I will not be disappointed. Besides, I live 8.4 miles from AP!


Do AP GTO mounts use the Meade ACL protocol? If not, are the communication
protocols, or API's available for programming a computer to control the

I have a 200Mhz Pentium running Win95 but much prefer to use my New G4/400
PowerMac. I know, I know, but good things are on the horizon from Southern
Stars Systems. I don't think they currently support AP mounts but I have
already started that seed germinating...


Mark Jenkins

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