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dan kowall

That's an impressive video, Carl.
Well done.
My regards,

dan kowall


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Subject: [ap-gto] ISS Flyby 23-6-11
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Hello my fellow AP users,

Here is a video I made of The ISS it was imaged when the Sun was 9

Degrees above the horizon. ISS was at 60 degrees altitude on the 23-6-11

@ 21.30, I was very surprised the way it turned out because I had to use

Vega as a reference point for adjusting the brightness and contrast..The

atmospheric turbulence was unreal because of the Sun anyway here is my


The video is around a minute long you can see clearly the way the space

station rotates again there is a lot of turbulence.

The image taken from Balbriggan Observatory Co Dublin and was captured

using satellite Tracker software with a Celestron C14 at f11 3910mm

focal length a Lumenera 2.0 mono camera at 30fps on an AP1200 mount.

Processing was done using vitualDub and registax V5.

Carl O'Beirnes,

Balbriggan Observatory (MPC-J09),

Co Dublin,


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