Re: 12v power and alligator clips for Mach1

Harley Davidson

I use a Honda 2000 watt generator and it is quiet :)


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It's going to be fine. The laptop, in any scenario, will draw as much power as everything else combined.
My Wal Mart deep cycle is lower capacity than that and has no issues as long as I don't run the laptop off it at the same time. Curious though, if AC is available, why run some off AC and some off a battery?


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Subject: [ap-gto] 12v power and alligator clips for Mach1
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Hi All,

I will be getting a new Mach1 soon from the new production run. I have been looking through the archives about power and am probably more confused than before. Talk of 14v or 12v, deep cycle, golf cart batteries, inverters, clean power, sine waves etc. I'm familiar with all of these but there seem to be a lot of opinions on what power is necessary.

My plan is to buy a deep cycle battery from Wal Mart, 75 or 100 amp hour. I also purchased the Kendrick alligator clip/12v socket that AP has on their website. The mount will be the only thing connected to the battery via this direct connection.

I just want to make sure this is okay to last a night of imaging. I know there was talk of the voltage drop in the cold or if the battery gets low but just running the Mach1 off a large battery should be fine right? After the night is done, I wuould plug the battery into the trickle charger for the next night.

The camera and laptop will be AC power.

Thanks all!

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