Re: 600 GTO payload capacity

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

A C14 on a G11 mount is quite stable for visual use.
So does anyone believe there is cause for concern about the long
term reliability of the motors and bearings in either the G11
or the AP600GTO when loaded with the mass of a C14 + counterweights ?


Why push a very nice, not inexpensive, mount like
the AP600GTO by loading it down with a C14?

Once when I wanted to compare my old AP 152mm f/9
StarFire to my new AP 155mm f/9 EDT StarFire, I mounted
the older StarFire on Celestron SP mount. With extra weights
and careful balancing the SP motors drove the big OTA
very nicely.

Apparently the G11 is designed to take a heavy load. It is
also relatively inexpensive. If I couldn't afford one of the larger
AP mounts I would feel much better taking a chance with the
less expensive G11.


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