Re: Parking Problem

Yves Laroche

Hi Jim,

You should get the new
troPhysics%20V2%20Setup%20v5.00.04-Beta13.exe> AstroPhysics V2 Setup
v5.00.04-Beta13.exe file from

The Park1 position should work fine.



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Jim Collins
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Sounds like I need to reset the Park #1 position via the Key Pad rather than
the AP2 Driver. I have not needed to do this for quite a long time and I

I am exclusively using CCDAP4 to operate the Telescope and re-park after an
imaging run.


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Hi Rolando,
Where in the Key Pad can you make a 10sec early adjustment for the
position #1??
Are you trying to use the keypad for Park1 when you have intitialized the
mount via a 3rd party software on your computer?


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