Re: 600 GTO payload capacity

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

Hi Charles,

I like the 900GTO too, I bought one. But the G11 is
amazingly stable even with a C14. Maybe it has more
to do with the Losmandy semi-pier and tripod.


No way, the 900 GTO is much much larger then the G11. I have owned both
mounts and I would put the G11 at the 600E size, Definatly not in the same
league as the 900 gto. I have owner both mounts and have used the same size
scope on them and the 900 is significantly more stable and load capacity
in every way more then the G11....though the 600E and the G11 (while I
lean on the 600E greater) is a much more reasonable comparison.


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"Douglas W. Forehand" wrote:

Anyone care to speculate why the 600 series mount is
is rated to carry a SCT size of 10 inches max where as
the Losmandy G11, which is not that much different in
size, routinely carries C14's ?

Lets limit the discussion to visual applications only.
Hi Doug:

Here are the specs, although it is hard to compare since two
manufacturers may rate their mounts differently.

Eq. Head wt. Rating

Losmandy GM-8 21# 30# ?8" SCT
AP 400 21# ? 8" SCT
AP 600 27# ? 10" SCT
Losmandy G-11 36# 60#
AP 900 40# 70#
AP 1200 91# 140#
HGM 200 97# 150#

The G-11 is a pretty hefty mount, closer to the 900 in size.


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