Re: 600 GTO payload capacity

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

"Douglas W. Forehand" wrote:

Anyone care to speculate why the 600 series mount is
is rated to carry a SCT size of 10 inches max where as
the Losmandy G11, which is not that much different in
size, routinely carries C14's ?

Lets limit the discussion to visual applications only.
Hi Doug:

Here are the specs, although it is hard to compare since two
manufacturers may rate their mounts differently.

Eq. Head wt. Rating

Losmandy GM-8 21# 30# ?8" SCT
AP 400 21# ? 8" SCT
AP 600 27# ? 10" SCT
Losmandy G-11 36# 60#
AP 900 40# 70#
AP 1200 91# 140#
HGM 200 97# 150#

The G-11 is a pretty hefty mount, closer to the 900 in size.


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