Re: Roland's polar alignment method

Stephen E. Russell <sjruss55@...>

A repost of Roland's polar alignment method (with his permission):

The azimuth setting on the mount is done by picking a star in the
and then slewing to a star in the south at similar right ascensions.
Bring the star half way to the crosshair with the azimuth adjuster,
the rest of the way with the buttons. Then hit #9 button to recal the
position. This way, the two adjustment axes are done totally

Roland Christen
Hello Group

A while back Derek posted this modified polar align method from Roland.
I have a 600 gto and 130f6. I've been using the polar one star method
which is fine for visual use. I decided to try using the other methods
to get more accurately aligned for some astrophotgraphy. I tried
unguided and with first method and anything over 2 minutes showed too
much trailing.
So time to get better aligned.

Using Roland's modified third method to adjust the azimuth, when
choosing the star in the North and then South star, what is meant by
similar RA? Since stars in North and South have a great difference in
RA, what stars should I be using here? In the third method it states to
choose two stars in the East or West with similar RA, this I understand.

As far as orthogonality is concerned, I used that method to see how far
I'm off. AP suggests to shim up one of the mounting rings. I'm using
the dovetail setup. I'm wondering if I might be wasting my time here
since I'm using the dovetail setup. Has anyone shimed up their rings
using the dovetail setup with any success? I figure that you need to
use the flat plate with the rings to keep the alignment. What do you
folks think about this?

Someone mentioned to use two hex wrenches to tighten down the azumith
bolts at the same time so you are not fighting with yourself when you
tighten one side at a time. They also mentioned using nylon washers
under the bolts. Should the nylon washer be used in replace of the
steel washer, or in conjunction with it, either above or below the
steel washer? I'm thinking on top of the steel washer might be best.

Thanks for any input here,

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