Re: declination connector came loose, really the RA

Rick Thurmond

Thanks for the help. That worked great.


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My mistake, it is the right ascension motor that has the loose connector.
I removed four screws near it, but it seems more complicated. It doesn't
slide out, it is hung up on something. Which other screws do I need to

The 1200 RA connector cover cannot be easily removed with the motor box
attached to the mount. You will need to remove the motor gearbox box from its
mounting bracket so you can access the cover. Make sure that you do not have
any weight or torque on the axis as you remove this gearbox because once the
worm is unmeshed from the worm wheel, the axis can swing free. Best to
remove your scope and let the counterweights hang straight down.

If you don't have a permanent setup, and you can take the Dec axis off the
RA, then you will have no problem to remove the motor box. Putting it back
on and meshing the worm is not a big deal and it will be a valuable learning


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