Re: declination connector came loose, really the RA

Rick Thurmond

My mistake, it is the right ascension motor that has the loose connector. I removed four screws near it, but it seems more complicated. It doesn't slide out, it is hung up on something. Which other screws do I need to remove?


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My AP-1200 has a black box containing the declination motor. The
connector that I connect the declination cable to has come loose and can rotate.
To fix it, is it just a matter of removing the four screws that hold on the
plate that the connector is mounted to and tightening up the collar inside?
Or would I mess up something if I removed that plate?

Remove 4 screws and pull the cover off. You will see nothing that will
scare you. The system is very simple and you will be able to fix it. Trust me.


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