Re: Comet 103P A Comet with a very bright Future!

Harley Davidson

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Comet 103P Hartley 2 in Pegasus is currently at magnitude ~11.4. It is
starting to show some structure.

I imaged it under terrible conditions, but was still able to capture the
comet. My definition of terrible:
Full moon 63 degrees away
Local airport reporting 4 miles visibility in haze, so transparency
was poor
The only objects I could see visually were Venus, the Moon, Jupiter
and Deneb

But the good news is that the light curve indicates that this comet will
reach magnitude 5 by year's end! See and scroll down to
the Magnitudes Graph. According to my
planitarium program, Sky Map Pro, 103P will be well positioned for
come year end.

My images and supporting data are here<>
and I hope you will take a look.
Thanks, Dennis. I will put it on my list to image tonight with the 305mm


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