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I brought up the mount (Mathis) through the SKY and the ASCOM driver showed Parked for about 5-6 seconds then went to unparked with the sidereal tracking on. I have to click on the Park button to Park the mount again.


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I installed the new software. I will let you know how it turns out when I bring the observatory back on line. Thanks.. Dean

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The latest driver version is v5.0.0. Please try that instead.


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After parking the telescope with the AstroPhysics ASCOM driver, I terminate the connection in The Sky 6. When I
reconnect and the
ASCOM driver comes back up, the driver shows the mount unparked and the Sidereal tracking on. Is there a cure for
this? I want the
mount to stay parked until I unpark it and the sidereal tracking off. I have the Q chip and version 4.99.59 driver.

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