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Larry Owings <lowings@...>


the keypad is connected, but I pushed no buttons and it is set for EXT. Therefore I would expect that it would not send anything to the mount. Am I correct here?

Thanks, Larry

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Hi Larry,

How is the mount being initialized? Is the keypad connected, perhaps?
If the keypad or another program has already unparked the mount, then
the ASCOM driver simply establishes communication with the mount. It
does not unpark a mount a second time that is already unparked.
Therefore, if you connect to an initialized mount, the option to enable
tracking or not is moot. Hope this helps!

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

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Hi Larry,

> which I did, but on clicking OK I got the message 'One or more values
are out of range, Please correct and click 'ok'
again.' I have
> very closely looked at each parameter I have entered and they are all

The out of range value should be highlighted. Click the "Advanced"
button in the setup dialog and check all parameters.

> I have been using ASCOM V2 driver V5.99.58 and have had the problem of
the mount tracking after I connect to ASCOM V2
> ACP. I have unchecked 'Enable Mount Tracking on Unpark.' To keep the
scope from hitting the mount while ACP waits for
the start
> time I have been setting the drive rate to stop or manually slewing
the mount to a safe position.

In my opinion it is the responsibility of every client application to
explicitly turn off scope tracking if that is the
desired state since I believe there are other drivers that automatically
track when connected.

V5.0.0 stops tracking when the mount gets *initialized* from park.
However, if the mount has already been initialized
and tracking then connecting with ACP (or any ASCOM client) will not
automatically stop tracking. I think that ACP
should at least try to turn off tracking.

In fact I did so some experiments with ACP over the weekend and it
looked like tracking was correctly turned off after I
unparked. That said, I'm not familiar enough with ACP to discuss with
you differences in settings that might have caused
your scenario. So, if v5.0.0 doesn't stop tracking for you I suggest you
post a question to the ACP forum. If Bob Denny
confirms the driver is doing something wrong I will definitely take a


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