Re: autoguiding with mx916 and AP 900gto

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

I bought 3 weeks ago a Starlight Xpress mx916 ccd camera,the
manufacturer tell me than this sort of camera can do selfguide.I would
like to know if someone try autoguiding an AP gto mount with starlight
Xpress product,what kind of cable must i buy to do autoguiding,the UK
manufacturer can't say me the exact name and reference of this cable
because he isn't familiar with AP product,christine Schmidt (customer
service of AP) tell me the same thing because she isn't familiar with
starlight product.

I would ask the people at Adirondack (, because they
are familiar with Starlight Xpress and work in the U.S. and sell the
AstroPhysics DSV software.

I am interested in this also, since my wife just got a Starlight Xpress
MX-5C. I read on the Starlight Xpress site that:

3) If you wish to autoguide an LX200, all that you need
is an RS232 interface lead from the serial port on your
computer to the serial input of the 'scope. Most other mounts
only have an 'ST4' autoguider input, and in this case you
will need one of our 'serial interface' units between the
serial port and the 'scope.
I think that you would need the "Autoguider interface module" at
This should plug into the AP 900 GTO.

However, for self guiding they may be redesigning the module--this is
why you should talk to Adirondack first, because you may want to wait
until they make the new one.


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