Re: Need Help on Mount Decision

Jeff Crilly <jlc@...>

To me, the key difference is that the AP1200 is workable for "single night portability".
While the paramount can be considered portable, IMO it is less portable than the AP.

Certainly folks are indeed using the ap1200 remotely- eg there's a couple of ap1200s at the south pole.

Probably the biggest concern I have with using the ap1200 remotely is cable mgmt. Though there are workarounds for this issue - like routing carefully and doing some testing to verify there are no snags. Afaict the paramount has some nice through-the-mount cable routing.

(that said I'm not using any automation.)

Possibly, folks buy AP for portability - that was a factor for me.


On Mar 29, 2010, at 10:05 AM, "mchlmaxim" <mchlmaxim@...> wrote:

The is my second post. I need help in deciding between the AP 1200GTO mount and the Paramount GM.

Both mounts appear approximately equal in terms of capacity and capability. I give a nod to AP's value and solid engineering. I also give a nod to Paramount's tight intergration of software systems with the GOTO capabilities. So the questions is, why should I consider one over the other. I know these forum is comprised of AP owners, so perhaps everybody went through the same decision process. Any objectivity is apprecicated. If I do purchase the AP1200GTO, what software platforms should I consider to achieve total GOTO control (remote-operation)?



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