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Joe Zeglinski


A few years ago, the decision for my AP-900 was extremely easy.

Although you might feel that the competitive mount is similar in quality, a HUGE asset that sold me on Astro Physics products is their attention to customers.

Look at all the other mounts (and optics) user groups, and see how often, if ever, you see the manufacturer, or his tech staff, participating, on a daily basis, helping resolve any questions or problems. Not only does the owner, Roland, jump right in with detailed answers, about the product, but also gives the "inside story" of how some feature works. Besides, you also hear not only from tech & sales staff, but also his wife Marj. It's a family here.

Besides, an AP mount is a thing of beauty - doesn't look like The Borg Cube in the other case.

No question, when the engineering seems comparable, an AP mount is the best way to go.

Sorry, for the gushing here, but others, will tell you the same thing. Roland takes a personal pride in his work, and will spend time to get you going - and you get a superb, well designed and crafted product.

I'm sure that the Paramount is a very good mount, but as I have said in the past, an AP mount is something I would "aspire" to owning.


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The is my second post. I need help in deciding between the AP 1200GTO mount and the Paramount GM.

Both mounts appear approximately equal in terms of capacity and capability. I give a nod to AP's value and solid engineering. I also give a nod to Paramount's tight intergration of software systems with the GOTO capabilities. So the questions is, why should I consider one over the other. I know these forum is comprised of AP owners, so perhaps everybody went through the same decision process. Any objectivity is apprecicated. If I do purchase the AP1200GTO, what software platforms should I consider to achieve total GOTO control (remote-operation)?




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