Orthogonality help for my lx 200 10 inch f 6.3

Suresh Mohan <swashya@...>

My Mach 1 has arrived at the airport and awaiting customs clearance! Anyway
here is my problem and this is what is im trying to do.My present mount is
orion atlas my scope is lx 200 10 inch f6.3,orion 80ED and orion guidescope

My lx 200 has a losmandy dovetail, both ends are fixed to the scope
s body screws, except on one end there is space for some side to side

This is the test I performed after determining which axis is RA
in the cross haired eyepiece, aimed scope to north ;put counterweight bar
parallel to the ground centred polaris using mechanical adjustment, now I
rotated in RA 180 degrees(using the setting circle) , corrected half the RA
error by adding shims to front end. What should I do next?

Should it be rotate RA axis to the first position ;recenter polaris in RA?
Come back to 2nd position and correct error by half?

I noticed that on the dec axis the star actually moves out of the
12mm eye piece, how do I correct this?Can I use polaris to adjust the DEC
error as well ie by the provided screw with space for side to side movement



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