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I would agree with the open design and simplicity aspects of the AP1200. It interfaces with pretty much anything.

Also if you want the flexibility of portability the AP1200 is an easier mount to move around (and disassemble) in this size class. I believe that the Paramount is 48v rather than 12v making it a little more cumbersome for field use?


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Both mounts are excellent. I picked AP for my mount because they have
an open design. They freely explain how things work and give others
the ability to write software interfacing to their hardware. I also
didn't need the load capability of either a Paramount or AP1200 so I
picked the AP900.


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The is my second post. I need help in deciding between the AP
1200GTO mount and the Paramount GM.

Both mounts appear approximately equal in terms of capacity and
capability. I give a nod to AP's value and solid engineering. I also
give a nod to Paramount's tight intergration of software systems
with the GOTO capabilities. So the questions is, why should I
consider one over the other. I know these forum is comprised of AP
owners, so perhaps everybody went through the same decision process.
Any objectivity is apprecicated. If I do purchase the AP1200GTO,
what software platforms should I consider to achieve total GOTO
control (remote-operation)?



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