Re: AP900GTO - DEC stiffness

CurtisC <calypte@...>

Some other himts: if you are using MaximDL, make sure you are always > using Dec value = 0 - do not use any other Dec value to modify the
guiding. Do your calibration once, near the celestial equator and use > that value everywhere in the sky - don't worry, it will work
perfectly even near the poles.
My new Mach1GTO is due here in two days. Looks like I have a lot to learn. I hope I get good results sooner than with my G-11! The people in the Losmandy group are upset over my parting comments yesterday.

WRT the above quoted statement -- OK, that's true for Maxim DL. What about CCDSoft? Not an A-P mount, of course, but I've found little benefit to setting the dec parameter to anything other than zero for autoguiding.

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