Re: transporting Mach1/puklse guide

Howard Hedlund

Hi Suresh,

The clutches in the Mach1GTO are different from those in the 900 or 1200
series mounts. There are no clutch plugs to deform in the Mach1GTO.
Therefore, clutch tightness is not a critical issue for transport or
storage. For practical reasons, I handle it much like Rick. I don't
want the clutches loose enough that the mount can move unexpectedly as I
am handling it, but I want to be able to move the axes if I need to. I
know that I over-use this term, but "snug" just seems to fit.

PulseGuide has documentation on the CD. You can also find the
documentation on <> .
Don't confuse PulseGuide, PEMPro and SmartGuide. PulseGuide is a
complete mount control utility. It can be used to do virtually anything
that the keypad does in terms of controlling the mount. The only thing
it lacks in comparison to the keypad is the object database.
PulseGuide is named for its feature of pulsed guiding that allows you to
track objects at a non-sidereal rate or that have some motion in
declination. SmartGuide is a "light" version of this pulsed guiding
that is contained in the keypad. It is adequate if you are observing
without a PC in the mix, but PulseGuide will give much better results on
such moving targets.

PEMPro is for measuring, analyzing and recording periodic error (among
other things). Once a PE curve is loaded into the servo, PEMPro no
longer needs to be running to use the PE correction. You simply turn
the correction on or off with the keypad, or PulseGuide, or the V2 ASCOM
driver. Just be sure that you don't tell the mount to record a new PE
curve unless you really intend to do so! Your Mach1GTO will arrive
with a PE curve loaded into the servo that was generated by PEMPro
during our testing of the mount. If you turn PEM on in the keypad, it
is this curve that will be used to correct periodic error.

PEMPro, PulseGuide and the new V2 ASCOM driver are all the
brain-children of Ray Gralak. PulseGuide and the ASCOM driver are
free. Your mount will have a CD with PulseGuide and the necessary links
for the ASCOM driver. PEMPro is not included with the Mach1GTO, but
can be purchased from our website or from CCDWare.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Thanks Ray and Rick,

At present im keeping my (orion atlas)clutches
quite loose, the las t 15 miles of my trip is dirt road(aka Paris Dakar

There is very little detail in the Manual on using
Pulse guide and PC; probably smart guide is the same thing?

I assumed Ray s software is already pre sent in a
preloaded curve but I cant seem to find the option in the HC( manual) to
activate that, I only see PEM and like in LX 200 record the star
motion/correction for 8 minutes.Any help in this regard will be



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I loosen the clutches but do this so that I can rotate the mount into
smallest possible package for transporting in a Pelican case. Every so
often, when I was taking the mount out, I forgot the clutches were loose
the mount suddenly flipped in my hands giving me a sudden case of heart
failure/adrenaline rush as I rapidly re-position my hands to catch what
feels like a mount falling from my grasp. I have now come to finger
the clutches just enough to stop the mount from turning/twisting in my
as I move it to/from the case. It is still loose enough that if there
to be a sudden shock during transport the head would rotate instead of
hammering the gears. I have no idea if it is necessary as it is fairly
protected inside the case, just something I do.

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Im likely to receive the mount by this month end, I Image from
a farm 50 miles from from my home in Chennai ,India. I was reading the
manual and came to understand that the clutch would be locked when I
it which meant the company intended that while transportation.

Is it best to lock clutch while transporting in a car or leave
the clutch disengaged?



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