How wet can an AP1200 get?


How much long term moisture can an AP1200 tolerate? I have been out of the country for a few weeks and left my AP1200 outside on its portable pier under a well secured weather cover. (One of those military grade internally aluminized covers that Richard Crisp has provided some of us) I have a naked light bulb hanging underneath the pier to maintain a higher internal temperature under the cover which always works fine. Of course while I was away the bulb failed and it was raining heavily. Hence the mount when I unwrapped it today was covered in condensation for who knows how long. The GTO box and drive boxes were soaking.

Now the mount seems to work perfectly from the hand controller and I am sure there is nothing to be concerned about. I know AP mounts get pretty wet from dew and humidity. (I am sure Florida is a killer) I know the GTOCP3 control box is pretty tough. (I vaguely recall those small holes underneath are to let moisture out from inside?) The experience does though make me ponder however what the long term resistance of the mounts to moisture are? What is liable to corrosion? I would not go as far as chuck a bucket of water over it, but how wet can an AP mount get and for how long?

Chris Ford

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