Re: Cleaning AP155 outside tube - How To ?

Wiggins, Rick

Hi All,
Thanks to Kent, Joe, and all for the suggestions. I was thinking along these lines, but wanted the reassurance that I was not forgetting something. I hadn't thought of PAM, but maybe that is a good thing to stock in my shop!
Thanks, Rick

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Hi Rick,

You just reminded me of something. I was surprised, when reading through
a copy of a "Carrier Furnace" tech service manual, that they specifically
recommended "PAM" frying pan cooking oil, to clean up old left over foam
insulation backing glue.
That should be perfect for this case.


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Apparently you could also use things like margarine, peanut butter, canola
or virtually any cooking oil, etc. Same process with possibly a bit more
elbow work required, just take your time. All of these will require some
dish soap and water clean-up.


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In addition to what Kent recommends, you might try alcohol (isopropol or
ethanol, but probably methanol, too would be OK).

I would NOT try any of the stronger things that Kirk mentions on my AP155
(late 90's pebble finish), especially acetone, as these are designed to
soften paints...


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A mild solvent should do it.
"GooGone" or even WD40.

Most people think of WD40 as a lubricant but it actually works as a


You could use stronger solvents like laquer thinner, mineral spirits,
acetone, Mek, etc. but you begin running the possibility of damaging

On that note, early AP155's were 'painted' with a shiney Corvette white
I would be very careful if yours is one of these.
Later ones were some very hard European pebble finish paint that is
especially impervious.
No problem with the later ones.

Kent Kirkley

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I recently removed my AP155 from my observatory. There is "gunk" on the
outside of the tube from the rings. It is probably the glue that was
glue the felt to the rings.
Anyway, I am wondering what is the best agent/solvent to use to clean
tube without damaging the paint? Should it be only soap and water or
can I
use something stronger on the really gunked up area.
Thanks, Rick

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