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Kent Kirkley

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Strange as this might sound I finally removed my tandem C-11/80mm guider
from my observatory and replaced it with an over/under config of a
StellarVue 105 Raptor with an Orion ED 80mm guider.  It's often windy at WSP and
with the new spacing rules I don't know what to expect so I'm taking small
refractors in case I end up in a windy area. 

Here is the strange problem - since I have swapped the heavy rig with this
lightweight rig I cannot get guiding under control!  I've tried all the
settings in Maxim 5.08, favoring the East side of the mount, calibration
times, aggressiveness, on and on.  I've even tinkered with the stiction knobs
on the mount and just have reached the bottom of knowledge bag!  I'm a week
away from packing for the WSP and still haven't nailed this down.  Ideas?
I think it would be most helpful if we knew what your guiding problem is?
And, a little more info about your equipment; ie. Imaging OTA, camera, how
mounted, guidescope?, how mounted?, etc.
Have you actually tried imaging with the 'new setup'? The result?

Kent Kirkley

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