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christian viladrich


Thanks Gavin, Kent, Rick, Danny for this interesting discussion about tripods.

As I observe in the fields on uneven ground, I was wondering by how much the ATS pier could be offet for verticality. I have made some quick calculations : I typically need a 5 degree offset at my observing site.
Do you think it could be OK with a ATS Pier ?


Best regards

Christian Viladrich

Rick a crit :

Yes I did consider the Pinnacle. It is beautiful. It has more leveling capability than the other solutions, so if you will be imaging in spots where the terrain is severely sloped, you may need it; otherwise, there is no difference from the perspective of the load carrying or stability considerations. If money were no object, I would opt for the Pinnacle, however, the ATS is more than sufficient. Another other thing I like about the ATS and that is the ability to accomodate the AP trays. They fit perfectly and I always use them. I love those trays. Finally, the ATS dissasembles very quickly and allows you to maintain the leveling settings when stored. I use my AP 900 ATS on a granite rock all the time. It is not level, so I have my legs adjusted and spots marked on the rock. I set up the pier in less than 2 minutes and polar allignment takes 10 secs to 1 minute as the mount ends up nearly identicle to where I left it the previous month!
Good luck with your choice.
Thanks, Rick
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Hi Rick

Thanks for the pictures. Did you consider the PWT Pinnacle mount?

I'm trying to determine whether the Pinnacle is worth the extra money or whether the ATS is perfectly adequate.


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I have two ATS Piers that I use with AP 1200 and AP 900 mounts and they are super! They have enough adjustment for relatively level ground. I frequently set up with the ATS pier on large granite rock and it works fine. Here are pics of both in action on a flat surface:
Thanks, Rick

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I'm after a portable pier (10"x36") for my AP1200 and I'm currently considering either the ATS or PWT Pinnacle. With accessories the ATS is around $2400 and the Pinnacle is about $3600.

I'm sure that both piers are of high quality but I'm interested to hear from anyone who has purchased either and your reasons for buying one over the other.

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