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Rick Thurmond

Maybe the nut that belongs on the DB9 connector is rattling around somewhere and shorting out the north/south control.


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Hello Everyone,

I have an AP900 GTO with GTOCP2 controller that starting running backwards after power up one day last week. Here is my setup:

1. AP 900 in observatory so I just park and power off after observing.
2. Power is from 13Amp AC to DC 12V power supply. Have also tried at 12V battery and different power cable.
3. S - N switch is verified to be in N position.
4. Powered on mount.
5. Press East and the mount slews West. Press West and the mount slews East.
6. Goto an object with the hand controller and the mount slews in the wrong direction.
7. Using a PC program the mount does the same thing.
8. Powered off the mount and tried the next day and things worked normally.
9. Tried tonight and the problem is back.

This seems like the mount thinks it is set for S instead of N.

Anyone have suggestions?
I called Howard at Astro-Physics and left voice mail a few days ago but have not had a return call yet.

William Rison
Here are 2 pictures of the GTOCP2 circuit board.

The problem comes and goes.

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