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daniel_ducros <daniel_ducros@...>

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the info, it works correctly.
Happy new year to all from France.


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Hi Daniel,

New Member my name is Daniel and I live in France, I received for Christmas a AP900GTO, mount
This is a magnificent Mount and I am very pleased.
Congratulations on your new mount!

I have just a question:
How to back up the PEM data "factory" ? with PEMPRO?

Sorry for my bad English, a translation software help me (school is old).
Your English is fine! Here's what you need to do assuming you have already installed PEMPro, the ASCOM platform, and the
AP driver:

1. If you haven't already, use the Mount Wizard to create a new mount instance. PEMPro defaults to use the old AP driver
so if you are using the new driver you will need to select it in the Mount Wizard.

2. Connect to the mount in PEMPro.

3. Select the "AP Raw PE" tab.

4. Click "From Mount" and wait for the curve to be uploaded into PEMPro.

5. Click "To File" to save the PE Curve to disk.


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