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I have loaded sky6 to a vista computer works fine. As to ccd soft 5, I
have a copy that came with my STL11000M camera and its does not work with
vista. After loading the application a dll Apogee32.dll does not exist and
it aborts the application. I am trying to find exactly what the apogee32.dll
does and why since this was a fresh install 'done multiple times just to be
sure' fails each time, so I would say till software bisque announces a fix
for this I would suggest to say that ccd soft does not work very well with far.

If you are going to use a usb port expander with any SBIG usb based camera,
make sure it is iso-syncronous compatible, if not you will not be able to
get images processed from the camera to your pc.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you


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Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 1:11 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] New Computers?

I'm almost certain this question has been asked before, and I hate to bother
the group with this, but I could not find the right messages with a brief
search. I will need to replace my old laptop computer soon, and none of the
new ones has a serial or parallel port. They also run Vista instead of the
old XP-Pro I've been using. I assume that there are port expanders or such
that plug into a USB port and provide an RS-232 serial port for connecting
to my AP-1200 mount. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations
relating to these devices? Do any of them have parallel ports? I still use
an old parallel port ST-7 as an autoguider. Is Windows Vista compatible with
The Sky-6 and CCDSoft software I am currently using, or will I need to get
an update on those programs? Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.

Allen Gilchrist

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