Re: Harmonic Drive Hoopla?

Roland Christen

In a message dated 12/31/2009 12:09:45 AM Central Standard Time,
danny@... writes:

(1) Motor locations: The Mach 1 places the RA motor at the top of the RA
assembly instead of off to the side and the DEC gear assembly is more snug
against the DEC housing. These would be excellent design features to
integrate into future 900s and 1200s since it makes the mount more compact and
transportable. For those of us who are mobile it reduces the odds of the
motors getting knocked around during transport. It also makes everything
slightly more compact to get into those tight spots in the car or truck.

(2) Polar housing threads: The front polar scope cap and the rear threads
for the polar scope are rather fine and can be easy to accidentally
cross-thread in the cold and dark. Coarser threads would be handy.

(3) Polar scope position: When inserted, it sticks out quite a bit from
the mount. Allowing it to be inserted further into the mount would be a bonus
for us mobile users (we could more easily and safely keep it in place
during transport).

(4) Through-the-mount cabling: Another great design feature of the Mach 1
that would be much appreciated in the 900s and 1200s.

(5) Hand controller cord: I'm sure this one is on the "not even remotely
likely" list but it would be great to have a removeable/replaceable cord for
the hand controller... for transport or to replace with a straight cord,

All 5 of your suggestions are great. We will consider them for sure. I
don't know about #5 since we don't make the hand controller, but it' doesn't
hurt to ask.


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