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Don Anderson

Hi Ray
I have been following this thread re communication error in Ver.48 of the ASCOM driver. I reviewed my files and see they contain what appears to be a com errors interspersed throughout the file. Not sure if this is what Yves and Sam are referring to or not but I thought I would upload one of my shorter files for your review.
It is located in Files\New AP ASCOM Driver\ASCOM Log Files\Don's Log Files.
Hope this helps
Happy New Year

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Thank you very much Sam for your fast response. You did exactly what I
asked you before. Thanks.

I really don't know what to think about your results. I thought that your
problem was the same as mine but it seems not. According to your results, I
will have to try version 0.47 to see if my port 2 connection may behave
differently. However, by memory I always got retransmit communication

The best way to help to pinpoint your problem is to send your logs to Ray.

Best wishes to you all. Happy New Year 2010!




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Good Evening Yves,

Tonight I loaded driver version .48 and moved the serial port connection to
port 2 (the lower connection). Unfortunately, I did not see a change in the
behavior of version .48 of the driver. Whan I returned to version .47 either
port worked flawlessly. I hope this is what you asked me to test and that
the results (good or bad) are presented here effectively for your needs. I
have noticed that the number of errors reported by the .48 driver is about
1/4 of the resends. I see no errors with the .47 driver. I will try to send
a log file in the next few days to the AP files site to see if Ray can tell
me what I am doing wrong (as I truly suspect that I am doing something silly
either in the settings or in the program loading method).

My best regards to you and all AP users for a joyous holiday season and a
prosperous New Year!


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Hi Sam,

Last night I decided to investigate about my communication errors. I found
that the lower serial connection of my GTOCP3 was faulty.

Please would you try to connect your serial cable to the other serial
connection and try in using version 0.48 of the driver? Let me know about
your results. Thanks.




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I have experienced many problems with version .48 which I did not have
prior versions. I am currently running .47 and everything is perfect!
are communications errors and missed commands. I have reset the timeout to
500 but see no improvement. I use a Mach1GTO with GTOPC3. The results with
version .47 are excellent and the driver is so versatile and effective. I
am so appreciative of Ray and AP for this new driver work.


Sam Bruce

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