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That`s the reason because I always have my PC time at GMT and also all my programms .This way I never have this kind of problems with any software due to changes in summer/winter times, etc,etc..
I always think in UTC since 2007 . No more problems...I adopted this method when I purchased my AP900 GTOCP3 ..reading v 4.12 keypad recommendations
Just my two cents

From: Stephane Charbonnel
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 9:18 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Re: ASCOM driver .46 and Local Time

Yes Ray,

For example, it is here Local Time : 22h15m in France. My coordinates
are about N44° and W02°. The GMT time is 21h15.
But, if I use the driver ASCOM, it gives a good local time to the mount
and a bad TZ = -01 so the mount think the GMT Time is at 23h15 ...
instead 21h15. TZ would be at +01 instead -01 ( in France and Spain, we
are at the very edge of the time : )


raygralak a écrit :


I am not sure I understand all of the issue you are reporting. Is the
driver initializing the Time Zone incorrectly?


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Hello Ray,

When I connect my mount, I have two possibilities :
* Auto-Connect = NO : The keypad send date / time / longitude and
latitude to mount. I must use GMT time with the v4.17 of keypad
because I live very about at N44° and W02° and it exists a known bug
at these coordinates and keypad want to give me a TZ = -01 for this
longitude although I am at +01 ... Howard know this bug and it will be
correct with v4.20.
* My goal is to use Auto-Connect = EXT with ASCOM driver. So, it is
your ASCOM driver which send longitude/ latitude / date and time to
the mount. I must check the checkbox "time send by PC to mount" in
advanced options of the driver. But, I have the same problem than with
the keypad although Auto-Connect = EXT allows not to use the keypad
... In fact, with these coordinates, I have TZ=-1 and I must have
TZ=+01 (in Winter and TZ=+02 in Summer). So I cannot use the
Auto-Connect = EXT with the driver ASCOM and for the moment, I must
use Auto-Connect = NO and use my keypad for initialisation of the
mount. I must also not checked "time send by PC to mount" in advanced
options of the driver. All this in order to give to the mount the GMT
hour. I am surprise because I think a new update of the firmware of
the keypad will not correct this little bug with the ASCOM driver. Do
you think it is possible to correct this bug or will be corrected when
the firmware of the keypad will be changed to v4.20 ?

Sorry for this long e-mail and don't hesitate to tell me other
explanation ...

Thank you

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