Re: Tranpost boxes for AP1200 ?

Don Anderson

HI Christian
Welcome to the group and hope you enjoy your AP-1200. There are a couple of options for mount transport boxes. First is a product made by Scope Guard. They have custom made boxes for the AP 900/1200 mounts
here is the link
Second is Pelican Cases 1600 series cases (I believe 1690)can carry both the RA and DEC axis as well as the DEC CTW shaft. These cases have wheels and handles that make them easier to move around. The also can be ordered with foam inserts

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Hi ,

I am new on the list.

First some quick words of presentation. I am interested in lunar and
planetary imaging with my C14 :

solar imaging in various wavelenght with a TOA 150 :

and finally deep sky imaging with a FSQ and TOA 150 :

I have recently invested in an AP1200 because I often have windy
conditions at my observing sites.

As I don't observe at home I will have to pack the AP1200 in my car to
go to the observing site. I am currently in the slow process of
designing two boxes - not too heavy I hope - to put the AR and DEC axis
in the car...

I have not set up my mind yet on what is the best way to do this, so I
would be very interested to hear about some examples of boxes to carry
out the AP1200 in the fields.

Best regards

Christian Viladrich

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