Re: is there a right-handed, northern-hemisphere, bottom-heavy DOVELM16?

Rick Thurmond

Thanks, Joe and danke, Konstantin,
The circular cutout on the bottom of the DOVELM16 would probably
prevent me from moving the holes. It looks like the DOVELM162 solves
the problem, though as of now I'm not even sure I have a problem. If
an additional inch at the top of the dovetail was supported it is
unlikely I'd notice the difference. So for now I think I'll stick
with what I have.


On Nov 7, 2009, at 5:30 11PM, Joseph Zeglinski wrote:

Hi Rick,

I had precisely the same problem back in 2007 when I got my AP-900,
the DOVELM8 hole pattern was drilled offset in the "inconvenient"
for my OTA. I needed to lift up my Questar coming out of its case,
with the
focuser in my left hand and deposit it into the saddle. The original
hole pattern was only convenient if you were facing the mount, with
focuser at your right hand. I think that is how Celestrons, Meades,
possibly AP scopes are packed in their cases.

This was not going to work, since with the DOVELM8 positioned
on the mount, the knobs would be along the bottom, and the plate tip-
along the top. Even if I tried to use the standard saddle
unmodified, with
the knobs turned out so I could drop in the plate, there was the
risk of its
tipping out, and also, I would be screwing the knobs upward, against
full weight of the OTA. It just was not right, for my setup.

My solution was to take the saddle to a machine shop and have a
"duplicate pair" of holes (for the existing quad hole set), offset
on the
OTHER end of the saddle. After describing my problem and fix to AP,
new DOVELM8 version now has the extra holes. I suspect you need to
do the
same thing, though you may need the FULL quad set of holes drilled and
counter bored like the others, since your DOVELM16 is longer than my

Hope this helps.

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I don't know why it took me so long, but I just realized that the
DOVELM16 dovetail mounting plate is asymmetrical in the wrong
direction for me. The way I have the dovetail mounting plate
to my AP1200, the long end is south when the knobs face west (this
in the Park 2 position, facing the north pole). I always stand on
west side of the mount when I put the scope on and take it off, so I
want the knobs on the west side. But with a bottom-heavy C14, it is
pushed up so that the dovetail is about an inch above the bottom of
the dovetail mounting plate. It would be better to have that extra
inch of length on the north end of the mounting plate. The existing
DOVELM16 would be fine if I had a top-heavy refractor, was left
handed, or lived in the southern hemisphere.

I could:
1. learn to put the scope on from the east side
2. put the scope on from the west side then go to the east side to
tighten the knobs
3. move to the southern hemisphere
4. not worry about it
5. ask for advice from the fine people on this forum



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