Re: Problem with Loaner Keypad

Don Anderson

What version of the keypad firmware does the loaner have? If it is Ver 4.15 or 4.16 that could be the problem. Both of these firmware versions had a bug that caused the keypad to lock up on start up. Especially when executing the "Return from Park 1" selection. Check out the firmware upgrade section of the Astrophysics website.

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The loaner keypad sent to me doesn't seem to be working properly.

Upon startup it asked me for a location, I entered location '1', pressed GOTO as instructed, and the keypad appeared to be locked-up. Just sat there for up to 20 min. or so. I rebooted the drive and tried different locations to no avail.

Fortunately I have kept my old keypad and it worked fine for this weekends work.

Could there be a problem with firmware compatability between the keypad and my mount? I have had the mount for many years and do not remember having upgraded the firmware.

The keys are falling off my keypad so I would like to send it in for repair but want to be able to use my mount during the lengthy repair time. Your loaner program is great!

So how do I proceed from this point?



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