cp2 pempro curve uploading


What is the right procedure to upload the pempro pem profile to a cp2 mount?

Start the pem playback on the computer and enable recording on the mount from the hand controller?

Where do I enable pem for the mount when done...from the hand controller/ in the AP ascom driver.

It's just not clear what takes over and how it works.
If the ascom driver enables pem but the hand controller has it turned off, what happens?

Any insight would help greatly. Although the error on my 1200 mount is less than 7" without correction, I'm sure it can do much better.
The curve in pempro looks very smooth and should be easy to correct.
My uploaded curve makes matters worse! It is not twice as bad so I don't think it is totally backwards. I must be doing something wrong.
Thanks for your insight,
George H

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