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Thank you Marj!

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Dear Ruben,

Congratulations on your new book! We are very pleased that your AP
mounts served you well as the tracking platform. I just ordered a few
copies of the book for us and our staff. We look forward to seeing your

Clear Skies!

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Hi group,
After ten years of using AP mounts for astrophotography, I have put
together a book of my experiences, published by Springer. All 115 images
in the book were taken on AP mounts, including the AP400GTO, the
AP900GTO, and the AP1200GTO. I used a variety of telescopes and camera
lenses with focal lengths from 180mm to 2300mm.

The full title is, "The 100 Best Targets for Astrophotography: A Monthly
Guide to CCD Imaging with Amateur Telescopes". For each target, the book
walks you through the steps of choosing an object, acquiring the image,
and then processing the data. A second section of the book, entitled
"Getting Started in CCD Imaging," begins with the paragraph, "The most
important element in astrophotography is accurate minute
of poor tracking ruins the most pristine view." The excellent
performance of the AP mounts is described.

The book is available from a variety of book vendors and some astronomy
stores. allows a preview of several pages of the book, and
has reader reviews.
If you find the book useful, please let me know.

Ruben Kier <>

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