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Craig Bolton

Hi Howard,

I also would like to be placed on the list for a rear cap for my new 900. It is so convenient to keep the polar scope in place and protected. Takahashi, Vixen and others offer this on their respective mounts and the rear cap is a very nice addition.

Thanks to you and Rolando for consideration.

Dallas, TX

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Hi Danny and group,

The threads are 3.590" x 24 tpi. If you have something machined, I
would certainly take the existing cap to the machinist for him to
measure and inspect. I have posted a picture package of some shots
that Frank Barnes sent me of his very excellent cover in the Files
section. It has the regrettably unoriginal name of
Picture-Package.jpg, because I forgot to rename it first.
Unfortunately, I don't believe the guy who actually machined the cover
is still in business, but for that rather interesting story, you'll have
to talk to Frank, maybe at AIC!

This cover would have a rather limited latitude range, especially with
older mounts that do not have the taller polar forks. Those of you at
higher latitudes would be out of luck. (No, I don't have a precise
latitude range!) We have thought about making them, or something
similar, but couldn't quite get them to the top of the priority list.
This might be a good chance to see what kind of demand there actually

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Subject: [ap-gto] 900GTO RA rear cap

Hi Rolando or anyone who can help... I'm hoping to get the exact
diameter and thread specs on the RA rear cap for a 900GTO. I want to get
a custom one made that will allow me to permanently keep the polar scope
in place while covering/protecting the RA bearings... So, essentially
the same cover as the stock one but a little deeper and with a hole in
the middle to allow the polar scope to stick through.


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