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Don Anderson

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I am trying to get my AP 900 GoTo mount to respond to Sky 6 (Serious Astronomer)software. I have run the communications test recommended by AP (i.e.Test procedure used to upgrade the database and I get the message "mount found"). This successful test I assume ensures that the computer is talking to the mount. This test is run without Sky 6 runing.I start Sky 6 runing and check the com port to be sure the software is using the same com port as the mount.I then go to establish link and I get the message "The Astro-physics device is not responding.Please check your com port and power connection".
Sky 6 does not have an Initialize telescope option (i.e. it is greyed out)so I do not know if this is important but the AP 900 manual includes this initialization step (page 64). Any help with this problem will be much appricated.
Sounds like it could be an incorrect com port selection in The Sky. Check your com port setting by going into the telescope set up menu(telescope/setup/settings. You will have to try different com ports till you find one that works. The baud rate should stay at 9600.
Hope this helps

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