Re: Transporting counterweights- best method?

AstroDad <ccurran@...>


Right, but I don't keep people and scopes on my rear floorboard - which
is where I put the cw's. Of course, scopes and mounts get wrapped and
packed properly. In 8+ years of toting these things around, I've yet to
have a scope fall onto the floorboard and hit one of my cw's, and a cw
has never rolled up off my floorboard and hit a scope or person. I don't
think they ever will, unless the truck flips - in which case I don't
care about the cw's. :)

cheers & beers,

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No I don't worship them either but Counter Wts & Dec shafts tend to be
heavy and if not properly secured during transport tend to roll around
and may damage something I do value highly such as other telescope
equipment the interior of my vehicle or the people inside.

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