Re: Transporting counterweights- best method?

Don Anderson

No question there are several ways to transport Counter Wts. I use a 10"x13"x8" wooden box made from 1/2" plywood with hinged lid and handle on the top(X oilfield instrument case)to transport my 10lb & two 5lb wts. I lined it with the foam that came with the mount shipping boxes. Works well. This box was custom made for the original instrument so not an off the shelf item.
On related note, there is the question of how do you package the Dec counter Wt shaft for transport? I found the original AP paper shipping tube to be inconvenient and not very durable. So I made my own out of 2" ABS pipe & fittings. I made a handle out of some nylon cord and rubber gas line hose. You can view the pictures of my shaft tote in my photo album on this site it is called "Don's AP900".
Bill of Materials
2" x 14" ABS sewer pipe
2"ABS end cap
2" Glue to thread collar
2"ABS threaded cap
2ft nylon cord
1/4" rubber gas line hose or equivalent.
Hope this is of some use to the group

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Fernando, for years I have used the soft, insulated, "six pack" carriers designed to carry a 6-pack of Coke or beer. I can fit up to 3, but usually limit it to 2 18# weights. They have a shoulder strap and are soft. The advantage is that you don't take chips out of walls or dent floors while transporting.

For the same reason, I've used army surplus duffle bags with foam inserts to carry the disassembled mount.


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Greetings! This summer, I took delivery of brand new AP 1200GTO mount. My setup will be portable, not permanent. I will be ordering different size counterweights for my mount soon. What I want to know is what is preferred for transporting counterweights to favorite dark site? Should I use the boxes they come in, or perhaps a pluck foam case? Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.



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