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Wow, now that is service above and beyond.

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Hi Dodi,

I had to go to several hardware stores to find the right nut, but a
5/16-24 fine thread stainless steel nut and a 5/16 stainless flat washer
are on their way to you. Because of the radius curve on the inside of
the Azimuth Adjuster housing, you will probably need to cut away part of
the washer along one side so that it fits flush against the housing.
Be sure to file the cut portion of the washer smooth so that you don't
scratch the anodizing of the housing.

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.


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Well, I think they forgot. Asked months ago...

Still looking.


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Hi Dodi,
Email or call AP and I'm sure they can help you. Contact information
is on
their website.

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Well, donation is not entirely true, of course I can paypal for it

I am looking for 1 nut that fits the thread of the most recent AP
adjuster bolt. Since I have to set up each time my AP900 mount on
balcony, and don't want to waste time doing polar aligment (polaris
being visible for me), I developed a simple method to put it correct
time. I unlock only one of the azimut adjusters and lift the mount
the pier and plate (these stay permanently outside).

For some time I use paper tape with marks on the graduated knobs to
make sure I put it back at the same spot. However, these azimut
run so freely, so I have had the occasion where both were moved
the mount out of or into its case. And then guessing starts :). I
blocked one completely with paper tape so the bolt cannot move, but
obviously, that is not a real nice solution.

Putting a nut on one to lock it into place is a far cleaner
Since these things are not metric, no way to find one in Belgium,
nor do I
know which thread is used on that bolt.

To make a long story short: I am looking for someone with a caliper
measure the thread, and ship me the correct nut to block one of the

Any takers?



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